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Sour Cherry Twist

TitleSour Cherry Twist
DeveloperMia R.
PublishersMia R.


This is a game about lesbians! Well, women who love other women, at least! But It's also about living with an anxiety disorder and having a good support network. It's complicated.

After vanishing from the public eye, Juliette Fontaine is getting back into the game as a professional pastry chef by opening her own bakery. While entrepreneurship comes with challenges on its own, Julie is also dealing with becoming familiar with the people and places of St. Dymphna.

When her best friend suggests that Juliette uses the upcoming culinary expo as an opportunity to rebuild her reputation, you'll prepare for the expo and make friends in the neighborhood, meet a colorful cast of characters along the way, and maybe even find romance! But as we all know, not every aspect of life can be sweet...


[No longer under active development.]


2017-04-03Sour Cherry Twist - Demo

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