Genzai ~Innocent Guilt~

原罪 ~innocent guilt~

TitleGenzai ~Innocent Guilt~
Original title原罪 ~innocent guilt~
DeveloperUran (Studio Kuon)
Publishers Uran (Studio Kuon)


1930s, a certain European country. Lord Sir John F. Wright is a huge asset owner but has a nice personality. He lives together with his grandson Will F. Wright who is game's main character. Will F. Wright has the same disease as his grandfather and curses his fate for this limited lifespan. Main character hates everything in this world and secretly aims at insulting the girls that his grandfather cares for.

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2000-02-2518+  Genzai ~Innocent Guilt~Non-freeCommercial1 CD


Character summary

Protagonist Will F. Light
Main character Christina McLaine
Main character Elise Kirkland
Main character Mitani Erina
Main character Sasaki Shizuru
Main character Sasha
Main character Yun Leifa
Side character John F. Light

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