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v21931.322018-09-03 at 13:15yumecreationsShogun-sama wa Otoshigoroscreenshots
v21931.312018-07-19 at 15:10multiShogun-sama wa OtoshigoroReverse relation update caused by revision v23450.1
v21931.302018-06-13 at 07:51chueeShogun-sama wa OtoshigoroShogun should be romanized without -ou for the same reason that Tokyo (the city) isn't romanized as Toukyou on here. Japanese words that frequently
v21931.292018-04-30 at 01:21sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.282018-03-16 at 09:10chipp12Shougun-sama wa Otoshigorofrom pixiv
v21931.272018-03-15 at 06:15sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.262018-02-28 at 17:40sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.252018-02-15 at 12:23zockq2001Shougun-sama wa Otoshigorolength updated
v21931.242018-01-30 at 09:35wakaranaiShougun-sama wa Otoshigorod2#5 excessive relations. If one game 1 is listed to have a relation with game 2, and game 2 has a relation with game 3, then game 3 does not have
v21931.232018-01-30 at 08:36clephasShougun-sama wa OtoshigoroTsuchigumo and the treasures are both present and important in Onigokko and this game.
v21931.222018-01-28 at 03:12sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.212018-01-27 at 02:33sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoromore staff list from ending movie
v21931.202018-01-20 at 01:21sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.192018-01-17 at 17:17sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigorolink
v21931.182018-01-01 at 17:40sai30Shougun-sama wa Otoshigoroadd
v21931.172017-12-29 at 19:31shinnewShougun-sama wa OtoshigoroCast entry. s11656.4
v21931.162017-12-29 at 11:26sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigorolink
v21931.152017-12-14 at 10:20sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigorolink
v21931.142017-12-08 at 11:44sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoromore male sub-character cast
v21931.132017-12-01 at 11:17sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoromore staff (confirm via she 's tweet link link)
v21931.122017-11-24 at 21:58kight099Shougun-sama wa OtoshigoroCast.
v21931.112017-11-24 at 15:36wakaranaiShougun-sama wa Otoshigoroexcessive relations d2#5
v21931.102017-11-24 at 15:30sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoromore info: this title is 4th works of alcot 's nippon series link
v21931.92017-11-24 at 11:21sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoromore cast
v21931.82017-10-27 at 15:43kight099Shougun-sama wa OtoshigoroCast.
v21931.72017-10-27 at 11:18sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoroadd more staff
v21931.62017-10-27 at 11:15sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoroadd cast
v21931.52017-10-21 at 16:47kight099Shougun-sama wa OtoshigoroCover.
v21931.42017-10-04 at 12:56sakuhanachanShougun-sama wa Otoshigoroadd director
v21931.32017-09-30 at 07:53707Shougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.22017-09-30 at 07:11707Shougun-sama wa Otoshigoro..
v21931.12017-09-25 at 10:31kight099Shougun-sama wa OtoshigoroVN.