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Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro - Trial Edition  Freeware, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2017-12-1518+
Jiangjun Daren Fanghuazhengmao - Trial Edition  Freeware, doujinUnknownUnknownUnknown2018-01-10Unknown
Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro - Super Deluxe Limited Edition ...  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2018-01-2618+Including:
- Paulownia wood​ box
- Full colour, 3-panel digipak
- Picture book
- 4 wooden straps
- Game disc
- Instruction manual
- etc.
Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro - Regular Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2018-01-2618+
Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro - Download Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2018-03-0918+
Jiangjun Daren Fanghuazhengmao  Freeware, doujin UnknownUnknown2018-06-1918+Tamaki's route only as trial

Download can be found internally
Jiangjun Daren Fanghuazhengmao  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknown2018-06-29All agesFree version which translates 70% of the game is provided for free. The full free version has been released on 21-10-2018

Simplified Chinese
Jiangjun Daren Fang Hua Zheng Mao  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknown2018-07-1518+Free version was released on 21-10-2018

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Simplified Chinese
Jiangjun Daren Fang Hua Zheng Mao  Freeware, commercial UnknownUnknown2018-10-2118+Simplified Chinese
Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro -Senryoubako Pack-  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2019-03-2918+
Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro -Senryoubako Pack- Download Edi...  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2019-04-0518+Available on DMM GAMES.R18