Natsuyo ni Modaeru Nananin no Sasoime


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TitleNatsuyo ni Modaeru Nananin no Sasoime
Original title夏夜に悶える七人の誘女
Publishers Guilty
Same series
Tsukiakari ni Modaeru Harame


Makabe Yuuto works at a tourism consultation company of his father's. The locations they have engaged in promoting so far have all become popular tourism spots so their company has been relied on among various self-governing bodies and hotel conglomerates and constantly busy with work. At such time, Yuuto received a consultation request on a new location.

It was work in a provincial Kyouwa City (Harmony City), however there were two prospective locations in the city. Which one of them will be accepted for the tourism project will be up to Yuuto's own investigation.

One location was in the inland, mountain part of the city which boasted of fresh tasty water and onsens - previously known as Iwamuro Village.

The other location was a well-situated seaside town - previously known as Umitsubame Town.

The neighboring Iwamuro Village and Umitsubame Town have become one city now, but residents of each look forward to the tourism bussiness and wish that their location was chosen. While Yuuto has been talking with people in both locations he has come to know many women, from whom he accepted tempting invitations...


2017-10-2018+  Natsuyo ni Modaeru Nananin no Sasoime - Trial Edition - Sakippo Dake ver.  
2017-11-1718+  Natsuyo ni Modaeru Nananin no Sasoime - Trial Edition  
2017-12-2218+  Natsuyo ni Modaeru Nananin no Sasoime  


Character summary

Main character Hori Kanade
Voiced by Kashiwagi Aika
Main character Ichinomiya Mika
Voiced by Aoi Haru
Main character Kujou Ena
Voiced by Ookawa Shita
Main character Miyama Sakura
Voiced by Mizuno Nanami
Main character Okuse Shouko
Voiced by Inemuri Suyako
Main character Tamai Azusa
Voiced by Asai Komomo
Main character Ubukata Mizuho
Voiced by Hamura Nao

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 Natsuyo ni Modaeru Nananin no Sasoime - Trial Edition

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