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Asu wa Koishite ~Prime Beat Planet~

あすは恋して~Prime Beat Planet~

TitleAsu wa Koishite ~Prime Beat Planet~
Original titleあすは恋して~Prime Beat Planet~
DeveloperFamily Soft


Yoshizo moved to the town to continue study there. What conceal the memories of the forgotten past?

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Japanese (2)
2000-04-14All agesAsu wa Koishite ~Prime Beat Planet~
2005-11-25All agesKiwameru Series: Asu wa Koishite


Full character list

Character summary

Fukuzawa KarinMain character
Voiced by Oosawa Tsumugi
Iwakura MinaMain character
Voiced by Araki Kae
Kawai HazukiMain character
Voiced by Yanagihara Miwa
Kondou MieMain character
Voiced by Morota Kaoru
Nagakura HarukaMain character
Voiced by Nogami Yukana
Ookubo YayoiMain character
Voiced by Kanzaki Mayumi
Oomura RinMain character
Voiced by Arama Riasu
Sakamoto KonohaMain character
Sakamoto MizuhaMain character
Voiced by Konishi Hiroko
Serizawa YuuhiMain character
Voiced by Oki Shizuka
Song Rei ShangMain character
Itou MasakiSide character
Okita KoujiSide character

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