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v22027.322021-04-05 at 13:30himinglaevaButterfly Seeker'白織' -> Shiraori
v22027.312020-08-28 at 10:47deibittoButterfly SeekerCast +1: link
v22027.302020-08-25 at 13:12deibittoButterfly SeekerCast +1: link
v22027.292019-09-12 at 15:22akisigureButterfly Seekercorrection.
v22027.282019-09-12 at 08:55chipp12Butterfly Seekerlink
v22027.272019-04-10 at 19:06kdabraone1Butterfly SeekerLength
v22027.262019-03-16 at 11:37esswordButterfly SeekerThis is not an alias. No one has ever called the game this. Googling the word returns 0 results except for the text on this page.
v22027.252018-08-23 at 05:09esswordButterfly SeekerAdded screenshots with character sprites
v22027.242018-08-09 at 12:46esswordButterfly SeekerVocals
v22027.232018-07-26 at 20:37diabloryuzakiButterfly SeekerDon't make an alias from romaji title but from kataka itself. Buttseek is a joke alias because you can't get same katakana from it
v22027.222018-07-26 at 11:06zodikafkaButterfly SeekerRe-adding an alias that got removed for being a joke since it's actually a useful abbreviation of the title and an alias that's used.
v22027.212018-06-19 at 14:28multiButterfly SeekerReverse relation update caused by revision v23223.2
v22027.202018-05-22 at 02:37novellaButterfly SeekerReverting revisions v22027.16 and v22027.14 since I don't believe we're supposed to list joke names under aliases.
v22027.192018-04-08 at 12:12zodikafkaButterfly SeekerAdded screenshots.
v22027.182018-04-06 at 19:11cornettomanButterfly Seekerfixing
v22027.172018-04-06 at 19:11cornettomanButterfly SeekerReplacing that nonsense mtl summary
v22027.162018-04-06 at 14:28cantanaButterfly Seekeradded alias
v22027.152018-04-03 at 14:34diabloryuzakiButterfly Seekeradd song name
v22027.142018-04-01 at 13:14lethalButterfly SeekerAlias
v22027.132018-03-16 at 20:07sai30Butterfly Seekerrepair
v22027.122018-03-08 at 10:17sakuhanachanButterfly Seekerlink
v22027.112018-02-18 at 14:04sai30Butterfly Seekerrepair mistake
v22027.102018-02-18 at 13:52sai30Butterfly Seekerrepair
v22027.92018-02-18 at 13:49sai30Butterfly Seekerrepair
v22027.82018-02-18 at 13:47sai30Butterfly Seekerfix
v22027.72018-02-18 at 13:46sai30Butterfly Seekeradd Description
v22027.62018-01-02 at 12:02sakuhanachanButterfly Seekerlink
v22027.52017-11-23 at 22:33eacilButterfly Seekeraccording to the official website, バタフライシーカー is the original title, not an alias, even though, I know, it appears on the cover as furigana. Even
v22027.42017-11-23 at 22:30eacilButterfly Seekerpackage cover
v22027.32017-11-22 at 14:01sakuhanachanButterfly Seekeradd cast list
v22027.22017-10-20 at 14:15varioButterfly Seeker+1
v22027.12017-10-20 at 13:25707Butterfly Seeker..