Super Erect Taisen S・EX


Super Erect Taisen S・EX
TitleSuper Erect Taisen S・EX
Original titleスーパーエレクト大戦S・EX
AliasesSuper Erection Wars Saint EXtra
DeveloperDynamic Production
Publishers Dynamic Production


Hero was watching a pop idol live performance when the skies tore apart and idols got sucked inside the demon-faced black whirlwind together with his favorite Ichigo-chan. After than an angel descended from the skies and offered cooperation to defeat demon king and return the girls.

[From vndbreview]

You begin with the main hero and 3 girls and battle through 15 SRPG style stages, using their school as a home base between battles. At the school, you may buy items, change party members, and speak to girls on your team. After each stage, a new girl will join you, and, in total, there are 19 girls.

Each girl has at least one H-scene.


1995-12-0118+  Super Erect Taisen S・EXNot voicedNon-freeCommercial640x40010 Floppies


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  Super Erect Taisen S・EX

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