Hitozuma Sakunyuu Hanten


TitleHitozuma Sakunyuu Hanten
Original title人妻搾乳飯店
DeveloperMarine & Tomato
Publishers Lune & Marine
Same series
Hitozuma Sakunyuu Hyakkaten


The main character works at a Chinese restaurant. One day, he receives a call that his aunt who runs a Chinese restaurant is injured and hospitalized. He starts working her aunt's restaurant to help her. Her restaurant is very popular and people wait in line during lunch time. The most popular menu is Almond Jelly with Fruits. But it seems there is a secret in Almond Jelly with Fruits. When he is asleep on a sofa after the restaurant is closed, married waitresses come to him and say, "Don't you milk us for tomorrow?" The secret is that their milk is included in Almond Jelly with Fruits! He starts milking them, but they gradually get sexually excited....

[From ErogeShop]

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