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Hitozuma Sakunyuu Hanten Non-free, commercial 800x6002009-07-3118+
Marine Kyonyuu Special Pack Non-free, commercial Unknown2013-09-2018+
LuneSoft Premium Pack ~Konna ni Ippai Iretara Afurechau~ ... Non-free, commercial Unknown2015-01-3018+Physical edition purchased direct from Lune here comes with Ikusa Otome Valkyrie Onahole and bonus DVD containing re-printed bonus material from the included games
LuneSoft Premium Pack ~Konna ni Ippai Iretara Afurechau~ ... Non-free, commercial Unknown2015-01-3018+Contains two more games than the physical release (v3350 & v5889).
LuneSoft Premium Pack 1 & 2 Set Non-free, commercial Unknown2016-06-2418+Comes on 36 DVDs
LuneSoft Premium Pack 1+2+3 Zenbu Hairi☆ - Limited Edition Non-free, commercial Unknown2018-12-2118+No longer available. Included content from LuneSoft Premium Pack 1, 2 & 3