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Original titleキガギガ
DeveloperMado Lab
PublishersMado Lab
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Keiji Sakuragi is a second year student in a prestigious school Saji Academy.
While he lives in busy days as the head of the school council, he is suddenly
confined in a locked room that he has never seen. In this room, his classmate,
school teacher, younger student and a "man of the type that he hardly interacts with".
A man tells Kieiji that... "Everyone in this room are not human."
When the relationship among five is distorted by this extreme circumstance,
some abnormal changes arise from their bodies...

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2016-12-28All agesKigagiga - C91 Beta Edition
2017-10-22All agesKigagiga
2017-10-22All agesKigagiga - Trial Edition

Full character list

Character summary

Sakuragi KeijiProtagonist
Voiced by Shumi Tarou
Mikami HarutoMain character
Voiced by Nyoibou
Saionji RiseiMain character
Voiced by Nozaki Amata
Satou TomorouMain character
Voiced by Sarashina Mato
TatsuyaMain character
Voiced by Takamine Kanae

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Kigagiga - Trial Edition

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