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Voeux Exaucés

TitleVoeux Exaucés
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)


Despite her young age, Kaoru Misuro is the head of the largest e-commerce company in the country.
Tired of all the work he has done so far, he decides to take a year off by becoming a high school student.


TBAAll agesVoeux Exaucés - Demo

Full character list

Character summary

Mishuro KaoruProtagonist
Abe KyokoMain character
Maeko RinaMain character
Maeko SachiMain character
Abe AsamiSide character
Maeko AoiSide character
Maeko RyoichiSide character
Maeko TakakoSide character
Mishuro EleneSide character
Nuiya MorganSide character
Nuiya SakuraSide character

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