1st Degree

1st Degree
Title1st Degree
AliasesFirst Degree


A city on edge as a serial killer roams the streets. Frustrated by one unsolved murder after another, forensics graduate student Rei Kuroshima decides to get his hands dirty to solve the crimes.

He resolves to copy the killings to chase the serial killer known as "The Doctor" in order to figure out how the murders were accomplished. Along the way, he begins to develop certain... urges.

Accompanied by his supervisor Aiden Steele, a detective oblivious to Rei’s identity as the copycat killer, he must piece together a trail of evidence to uncover the identity of “The Doctor.”

At school, however, Rei must also maintain his normal student life while dealing with his desire to kill, leading him to the ultimate choice - Who will he choose to love, and who will he resolve to kill?

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Rei Kuroshima
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
Birthday6 December
RoleAntihero, Pet Owner, Serial Killer, University Student
Voiced byJoey Ghost


An orphaned grad student and part time forensicist who's willing to get his hands dirty to solve a case.

Likes: Biology, medicine, forensics, psychology, crimes, sleeping, bitter-sweet things.

Dislikes: Airheads, waking up in the middle of the night, sloppiness, losing his train of thought, PDA

Owns a black cat named Kii.

Main characters

Aiden Steele
MeasurementsHeight: 187cm
Birthday13 January
HairBrown, Grey, Multicolored, Short, Stubble
RoleAmerican, Detective, Senpai, Widower
Engages inSmoking
Voiced byIan (Demo Version)
Peter Joshua Kanis


Aiden is an all-American boy who is Rei’s supervisor at the Crime Agency. He is a homicide detective and accompanies Rei to the crime scenes whenever a murder occurs. He is in charge of both the main cases in this story: Doctor’s Case and Copycat’s Case. Aiden is a widower and has been struggling to quit smoking ever since. Slowly, he’s starting to open up to Rei about his past. Aiden tries, and fails, to keep his distance from anything too personal by maintaining a strict supervisor/employee relationship.

Likes: Being occupied, black coffee (with a little sugar), being the boss, solving a case

Dislikes: Injustice, murderers, liars, smoking (trying to quit), sarcasm.

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Chief Shunsuke
RoleExecutive, Father, Wealthy
Voiced byPhil Song


Director Shunsuke is the Chief of TCIA as well as Minami Shunsuke's father. Rei will often say that he considers the Chief's family as his since they have a long history together. The Director is very wealthy and will do anything to protect his family and those he cares for. He likes to be carefree, but is serious when the time requires--or when he plays a prank.

Griffith Aquila
MeasurementsHeight: 184cm
Birthday8 August
HairEyebrow Slits, Violet
BodyFacial Piercing
ClothesEarrings, Headphones
PersonalityReserved, Taciturn
RoleAmerican, Sex Friend, Twin Brother, University Student
Engages inFlirting
Voiced byLoki
PSColdFire (Demo Version)


Griffith is what some might consider a sex fiend. He enjoys the act in anyway possible. He prefers being straightforward about what he wants, and will use whatever means he can to get it. He was born and raised by his father in America after his parents divorced when he and his twin brother, Leo, were born. He’s a 2nd year law student with a concentration in forensics at Teikoku University and is currently Rei’s student in the Forensics Psychology course. Griffith enjoys spending his free time with his 'elder' twin brother, though that time spent is mainly just being teased by Leo or--teasing Leo instead.

Likes: Leo, lectures, green tea flavored snacks, his piercings, secrets

Dislikes: Sweets, parents, phones, busy streets, being hot.

Jun Sae-Gyo
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm
Birthday14 February
HairBlond, Short, Stubble
ClothesLab Coat
RoleUniversity Teacher
Voiced byLord Psytronix


A professor at Teikoku University that is constantly trying to rekindle an old relationship with Rei. His pet is bacteria growing in his petri dishes. Also considers Rei his pet.

Likes: Fooling around with Rei, teasing Rei, the nightlife, anatomy

Dislikes: Rei talking to other men, lazy students, failed experiments.

Leo Preta
MeasurementsHeight: 184cm
Birthday8 August
RoleAmerican, Bad Student, Twin Brother, University Student
Engages inTeasing
Voiced byDed Zambo
Miles Lenley (Demo Version)


Leo is a 2nd year criminal psychology student at Teikoku University and is Rei’s student in the forensics psychology course, along with his brother Griffith. Leo is eccentric and is often found being controlled by his brother--not that he hates it though since he's quite the masochist. He was born in America but raised in England with his mother when his parents divorced. Leo loves to tease his 'younger' brother but often finds himself receiving the tail end of his game later in the evening at their apartment.

Likes: Griffith, sweets, ditching class, arcades, movies, manga

Dislikes: School, studying, waking of early, being cold

Minami Shunsuke
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm
Birthday21 June
ClothesPendant Necklace
PersonalityAirhead, Hardworker
RoleKouhai, Pet Owner
Voiced byEvan Lee


A small ball of sunshine under Rei's tutelage that is a bit airheaded, but always tries his hardest. Owns one mini lop bunny named Cinnabunny and one pygmy american fuzzy lop bunny named Goomie.

Likes: Eating cake, spending time with Rei, cooking with Rei, working hard in school and at his job.

Dislikes: Bitter things, insects, scary movies, being alone

Side characters

Daichi Osamu
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm
HairBlack, Goatee, Slicked Back
ClothesGlasses, Suit
RoleFather, University Teacher
Engages inDrinking
Voiced byMako Chipotle


A law professor at Teikoku University who is often seen hanging over Jun. Daichi is a married man with three young children. He is considered to be a gruff and cold professor, though he’s nice to Jun and goes out drinking with him every so often. Osamu has a mutual vendetta with Rei. The two are often arguing over each others’ involvement with Jun. Owns a parrot.

Likes: Alcohol, law studies

Dislikes: Students, his homelife

Dave Carelli
HairBrown, Short
RoleCoworker, Detective, Friend
Voiced byKevin Couto


Dave is an old friend of Aiden's from their college days. They were the type to go to frat parties or hang out on the weekend. Dave is also on the force, though in a higher position than Aiden, they often work together to solve complicated cases. Not to mention, Dave would do anything for an old friend. But! Don't let him catch you alone--he's a bit of a narc and enjoys frivolities such as a late night with a willing partner.

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Detective Hodgins
PersonalityAntisocial, Rude
Voiced byKevin Couto


Detective Hodgins is a detective in a separate district. He is a huge fan of Detective Steele and has been following The Doctor and The Copycat cases. However, he really doesn't want his district to be involved. He has a very rowdy personality and isn't exactly the friendliest man.

Ethan Parker
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm
ClothesBaseball Cap
RoleBad Student, University Student
Voiced byDavid Acosta


A slacker at Teikoku University that was able to become friends with the twins in high school. Leo genuinely likes Ethan, but he only earned Griffith's friendship with food. Had a fish, but it died.

Likes: Baseball, sleeping, ditching, extra credit

Dislikes: Working, homework, exams

Lucas Ryuunosuke
HairBlack, Brown, Multicolored, Short, Undercut
ClothesSchool Uniform
PersonalityMature, Reserved
RoleFriend, High School Student, Homosexual, Student Council Vice President
Engages inJudo
Voiced byKuyalaw VA


Lucas has been friends with Minami since middle school. He is the type that always supports his friends and does whatever he can to make them happy. However, he also has great respect for himself and will tell people when they are doing something that bothers him. Lucas is the vice president at his high school (Minami's right hand man) and also does judo on the side. He likes to keep quiet about his personal life, but he seems to have developed some feelings for an older man.

Mido Suzuki
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
PersonalityAirhead, Funny, Smart
Voiced byKiyoge Light
Tom Bauer (Demo Version)


Mido is a bit of a know-it-all and acts like his jokes are the most hilarious things he hears all day. He’s a dork and a bit of an airhead as well. Mido works at the same crime agency as Rei and is also involved in both the Doctor’s case and the Copycat killer’s case as Rei’s assistant forensic scene investigator and may have a few skills up his sleeve. He often jokes and teases Rei during the work day, but if you ever need anything, 'call Me-doe!'

Likes: Coffee, going home early, being social, anime

Dislikes: Violence, staying late for work, missing his shows.

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