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Ore no Kanojo ga Gachi Hentai Sugiru


TitleOre no Kanojo ga Gachi Hentai Sugiru
Original title俺の彼女がガチ変態すぎる
AliasesGachihen, ガチ変
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperStudio Momoka
PublishersStudio Momoka
Shops» JP¥ 6930 @ DLsite


The main character, Kenta, grew up in a single-mother family.
By chance, his mother remarried.
The other party also had a child, but she was a perfect superhuman senior who is also famous in the school!

Is your longing senior an older sister?!

Every day Kenta is thrilled by his beautiful older sister.
One day, Kenta finds Mana's pantyhose in the dressing room...
Kenta had a special habit of lusting for pantyhose!

"Ke, Ken-chan ?!"

At last, that propensity is revealed to Mana... Kenta was prepared to end his life, but it was an unexpected word that jumped out of Mana's mouth.
"...Please come to the Individuality Improvement Department with me."

The girls they meet in that department are metamorphosis who have one habit and two habits.
Why are they in this club?

This is a slightly unusual everyday story that will lead to communication with girls with special habits.

[Translated from DLsite]

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