Princess Guard

Princess Guard
TitlePrincess Guard
DeveloperArchelon Works
Publishers Archelon Works


Reinhold's years of practicing the sword have finally paid off. Sweeping a Kingdomwide tournament netted him an absurd amount of prize money, and the King himself was so impressed with his skill that he personally transferred him out of the Army to serve in the royal palace.

While this new position as bodyguard to the Crown Princess is an appreciated change from his previous life of trudging through swamps in pursuit of bandits, it does bring its own difficulties...


2018-08-24    Princess Guard - Demo v1.7.5Not voicedFreewareDoujin1280x720Internet download  

Character summary

Protagonist Reinhold
Main character Karel
Main character Luciana
Main character Marianne
Main character Melanie
Main character Nicolette
Main character Ranasarima
Main character Sylvie

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