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Mell Kiss


TitleMell Kiss
Original titleメルキス
AliasesSpend with you the sweet days like fairy tales
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
PublishersGiga & Entergram, Inc.
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It was the start of the summer vacation for second-year student Ryouichi. There were no dramatic events in his casual school life. That was until one day, his homeroom teacher announced that the festival commemorating the founding of the school will be Halloween-themed, and that there was a new transfer student to the class.

A meeting with a new classmate. The first trial at the festival. The obstacle-free days begin to pass by. What kind of future awaits him?

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri]

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Orihara Ryouichi織原 諒一
AliasesRyo, Hara-kun, Daa (Darling)
MeasurementsHeight: 173cm, Weight: 64kg
HairBlack, Short
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBelt, Blazer, Jacket, Loafers, Necktie, School Uniform, Shirt, Trousers
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAltruistic, Bookworm, Friendly, Hardworker, Honest, Honorable, Kind, Ore, Pervert, Proactive
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, Coworker, E-Friend, Friend, Gamer, High School Student, Kouhai, Part-time Worker, Schoolmate, Senpai, Son
Engages inOnline Chatting, Sewing
Subject ofFlirting


The protagonist who has a very kind personality and cannot overlook anyone in trouble, if he ever does he would continue to be bothered about it and end up helping out anyway. He supports his best friend, a little too serious and inflexible class president, from the shadows.

Although he is fairly sharp when it comes to the human relations and love relations of people around him, he is completely blind when it comes to such feelings aimed in his direction.

His mother is running a dressmaking classroom and a shop with dressmaking goods, influenced by that he has been "beat" sewing into him ever since he's been young, but doesn't hate it. He enjoys changing materials into something completely different, similarly to how people enjoy cooking.

Main characters

Akitsuki Tsuzuri秋月 つづり
MeasurementsHeight: 150cm, Weight: 46kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 84-56-83cm, D cup
HairBlack, Blunt Bangs, Long, Parted in Middle, Sidehair, Straight, Twin Tails
EyesGreen, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Mole, Pale, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Bow Tie, Cardigan, Hair Tie, Miniskirt, Over The Knee Socks, Pleated Skirt, School Uniform, Shimapan, Shirt, Skirt, Sweater, Thigh-high Stockings, Towel, Witch Hat
ItemsMobile Phone, Playing Cards
PersonalityAirhead, Altruistic, Assertive, Cheerful, Friendly, Funny, Kind, Mature, Outgoing, Puffy, Stubborn, Talkative, Watashi
RoleClassmate, Friend, High School Student, Kouhai, Schoolmate
Engages inCosplay, Flirting, Online Chatting
Voiced byShinonome Ria


A well-mannered junior who's really into inter-human relations. While she's refined, she isn't too stiff and with her gentle demeanor she's capable of putting others on the pedestal.

For some reason she comes to respect Ryouichi and honestly responds with "well well" "oh my" "I see" to everything he teaches her, making it fun for him to teach her.

Tsuzuri is very intellectual and doesn't allow her pace to crumble. Capable of making do with others and her own pace, it could be said that she applies her human-relations skill to her own heart as well.

Kagura Kaede神楽 楓
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Weight: 48kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 82-55-86cm, D cup
HairBlack, Blue, Long, Parted to Side, Sidehair, Straight, V Bangs
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Muscular, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesAnkle Socks, Belt, Cardigan, Jacket, Knee-high Boots, Leather Jacket, Loafers, Miniskirt, Necktie, Nightgown, Pajamas, Pantyhose, Pleated Skirt, School Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Skirt, Sweater, Turtleneck Sweater
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityBlunt, Docile, Friendly, Honest, Kind, Loner, Mysterious, Pragmatic, Refined, Relaxed, Stoic, Stylish, Tomboy, Watashi
RoleFull Sister, High School Student, Popular, Schoolmate, Senpai, Younger Sister
Engages inAthletics, Online Chatting
Voiced byAji Sanma


A senpai thought by the surroundings to be a cool person and feared a little. She is a former member of the school athletics club and was known to have been one of the best of her time. As a result, she is now taller, more muscular and stronger than an average girl. Ryouichi even thinks she's probably stronger than him. Despite this body that Kaede describes as "not really feminine" she is seen and considered as one of the most beautiful girls in the school by all students.

She hates boasting of talents and hard work and people who do that, and doesn't acknowledge that of her own. Moreover, she doesn't boast of her own pretty looks. However, she doesn't disparage herself, it's just that she doesn't appeal her own good points.

Also, she doesn't believe in ANY fortunetelling, the reason for that is because "I'm easy to trick", she says. Similarly to the fortunetelling, she can be easily deceived by a well thought up story. Basically, she's quite simple a person.

Miyamori Yuzu宮森 ゆず
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Weight: 52kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 90-60-87cm, F cup
HairBrown, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Tiny Braid
EyesBrown, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Big Breast Sizes, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Bow Tie, Hairpin, Jacket, Kemonomimi Headband, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Naked Apron, Pantyhose, Paw Gloves, Pet Collar, Pleated Skirt, Scarf, School Uniform, Shirt, Skirt, Sweater, Tail
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAltruistic, Bookworm, Cheerful, Deredere, Flustered, Funny, Hardworker, Idealist, Kind, Low Self-esteem, Naive, Sensitive, Sweets Lover, Watashi
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, E-Friend, Gamer, High School Student, Kouhai, School Cooking Club Member, Schoolmate, Senpai
Engages inCat Cosplay, Cooking, Online Chatting
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced byHaruno Iroha


The only girl who's building up a relationship with Ryouichi at the point the story starts.

She loves sweets and wants to become a patisserie herself. Still, she's careful not to eat too much in order to maintain her figure.
Wanting Ryouichi to eat her sweets and compliment her that it's tasty, ever since the two were together in the home economics club she has been making him taste every new sweet to taste (it's been continuing for three years already, and has become natural for both).

Although she's usually quiet girl, she turns into a completely different, active person when she's cooking.

Shirashima Airi白嶋 愛理
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Weight: 47kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 86-57-85cm, E cup
HairBlunt Bangs, Brown, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesAmber, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Big Breast Sizes, Muscular, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Bow Tie, Cape, Cloak, Collar, Jacket, Knee-high Boots, Knee-high Socks, Mini Hat, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Hair Tie, Scarf, School Uniform, Shirt, Skirt, Thigh-high Stockings, Tube Top
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAltruistic, Bookworm, Family Oriented, Honest, Optimist, Proactive, Talkative, Watashi
RoleClassmate, E-Friend, Friend, Gamer, High School Student, Kouhai, Popular, Schoolmate, Senpai, Transfer Student
Engages inCosplay, Moving, Online Chatting, Sewing, Sports
Voiced byMishiro Mako


Very assertive and optimistic girl who transfers into the school Ryouichi is in. She's good at sports, has great figure and on top of that, she shows a homely side of herself by making boxed lunches for herself.
When she first transferred in, she acted very quiet, but has quickly gotten used to the environment and started getting along with everyone.

Side characters

Harukawa Hinako春河 陽菜子
MeasurementsHeight: 147cm, Weight: 38kg
HairBlack, Long, Straight, Twin Tails
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Bow Tie, Loafers, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityFriendly, Kind, Third Person, Tsundere
RoleClassmate, Friend, High School Student, Kouhai, School Cooking Club Member, Schoolmate
Engages inCooking, Online Chatting
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved
Voiced byMatsude Tayo


A very easy to understand tsundere. Even when she's using abusive language towards others, her feelings of happiness easily appear on her face.

"You'll be left behind by the world" she says, and worried about Tsuzuri who doesn't use SNS, she meddles in.

She's in a junior-senior relationship with Yuzu in the cooking club. She respects Yuzu for making sweets as good or even better than pros, but often is very anxious about Yuzu who can act in dangerous manner.

Iwade Kiyotaka岩出 清貴
HairBlack, Short, Straight
EyesGarnet, Hosome
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Glasses, Loafers, Necktie, Trousers
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAltruistic, Boku, Family Oriented, Friendly, Kind, Mature
RoleClassmate, Class President, Friend, Full Brother, High School Student, Kouhai, Older Brother, Schoolmate, Senpai
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved
Voiced byHayashiyori Karei


A friend of Ryouichi's ever since they have become classmates last year. Considering Ryouchi a good friend, he cheers him on and often gives a him advice from a third person's perspective.

Kiyotaka is inflexible, simple, and too honest. Once he decides on something he enters tunnel vision and is unable to change his actions. But, in such cases a logic-founded advice does work.

He's so serious that he turns off his phone during classes, but he acts unexpectedly flexible towards others.

Onodera Ichika小野寺 いちか
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Weight: 50kg
HairBrown, Shoulder-length, Wavy
EyesGreen, Tsurime
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBlazer, Bow Tie, Cardigan, Knee-high Socks, Loafers, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Shirt
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAtashi, Confident, Friendly, Funny, Gossipy, Outgoing, Sweets Lover, Talkative
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, High School Student, Kouhai, Schoolmate, Senpai
Engages inOnline Chatting, Teasing
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved
Voiced byYamada Hanako


A girl who acts with a strong momentum and clearly displays her mood, she's complete opposite of Yuzu and the two's friend relationship fill each other's weaknesses.

She has been best friends with Yuzu ever since the previous school. Although she has many friends, she's especially close with Yuzu and is aware that Yuzu has feelings for Ryouichi.

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Orihara Tsumugi織原 紡
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult, Younger Appearance
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityFamily Oriented, Friendly, Kind, Mature, Outgoing, Proactive, Talkative
RoleCoworker, Management, Mother, Not a Virgin, Shopkeeper, Vendor, Wife
Engages inSewing
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved


Ryouichi's mother, she is the owner of a sewing shop and her talent is very well known in the region. She has known Yuzu for a long time and keeps telling her son not to miss the opportunity to have a good cook as a future wife.

Since she met Airi and discovered her talents as a tailor, she is proud to see that her son is an immeasurable success and increasingly urges her son to choose one to become his girlfriend.