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v22221.92018-09-16 at 09:38beliarMy Life as a MaidenReverted to revision v22221.5 The native resolution of this game is 1920x1080, so all the screens must also be in the same res
v22221.82018-04-06 at 16:51magicflierMy Life as a Maidenone more screenshot
v22221.72018-04-06 at 16:06magicflierMy Life as a Maidenscreenshots revised
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v22221.52018-04-06 at 04:34novellaMy Life as a MaidenStaff
v22221.42018-02-11 at 09:49shinnewMy Life as a Maidend2#6 "At least half of the images should be actual screenshots of the game. That is, they should include character sprites or some form of dialog or
v22221.32018-02-11 at 07:11tejayMy Life as a MaidenAdded length
v22221.22018-02-11 at 07:07tejayMy Life as a MaidenAdded various CGs
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