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Neko-nin exHeart 2


TitleNeko-nin exHeart 2
Original title猫忍えくすはーと2
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Denpasoft & Sekai Project
Denpasoft & Sekai Project
Neko-nin exHeart
Neko-nin exHeart +Plus Saiha Hen
Neko-nin exHeart 2 LOVE +PLUS
Neko-nin exHeart 3
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This is the sequel to NEKO-NIN exHeart. Since ancient times, humans have lived together with demi-humans who possessed special powers and served as ninjas to those in power. Yura and Tama were nekomimi ninjas that came from the Fuuma Village to serve the protagonist. After the initial confusion, they settled into a peaceful life together under the same roof. However, who was that suspicious figure in the shadows?

The mysterious ninja Ritsu appeared in the town. Who is she targeting? During this time, he was entrusted with a bunny-eared ninja Maya, who had lost her memories and calls herself a cat. It has become a jealousy battle within the household. A new chapter full of cuteness and a slight bit of mystery begins!

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri]

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Main characters

Fuuma Tama風魔 たま
HairBlack, Hair Loopies, Sidehair, Straight, Tiny Braid, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Furry Tail, Kemonomimi, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBody Ribbon, Garter Belt Stockings, Gloves, Hairpin, Ninja Suit, Ribbon Hair Tie, Scarf, School Uniform, Strapless Dress
PersonalityAirhead, Clumsy, Friendly, Immature, Kind, Loyal, Protective, Third Person
RoleFull Sister, High School Student, Ninja, Younger Sister
Engages inCosplay, Unarmed Fighting
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced byAji Sanma


"Master, aren't you going to feed us?"

The younger of the Fuuma Sisters. A demi cat just like her sister.

Compared to her (supposedly) serious sister, she has her head in the clouds. She doesn't treat our
hero like her master, and instead treats him like her brother. She incessantly begs for coddles.

She is a poor academic, but a master of ninjutsu.
She is able to use a wide array of Fuuma Ninjutsu despite her young age.

She enjoys eating fluffy food.

Very relaxed. Enjoys basking in the sun.

[From Sekai Project]

Fuuma Yura風魔 ゆら
HairHair Loopies, Orange, Straight, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Furry Tail, Kemonomimi, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesApron, Body Ribbon, Chinese Dress, Cupless Corset, Detached Sleeves, Fishnet Clothing, Hairpin, Ninja Suit, Ribbon Hair Tie, Scarf, School Uniform, String Ribbon Tie, Thigh-high Stockings, Transparent
PersonalityAirhead, Brave, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Hardworker, Loyal, Outgoing, Stubborn, Third Person
RoleFriend, Full Sister, Girlfriend, High School Student, Ninja, Older Sister
Engages inFighting, Teasing, Unarmed Fighting
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced byKotorii Yuuka


"I, Fuuma Yura, in accordance to the contract hereby swear, to serve you, Lord Haruki!"

The elder of the Fuuma sisters. A demi cat.

She walks the path of shinobi and swears loyalty to our hero. But she is absent minded and often foolish.
An optimistic girl who doesn 't let failure and hardship put her down.

Her weaknesses are her tail and headpats.
Though she enjoys showing her master how capable she is, she is unable to resist a good coddling.
A self-proclaimed martial master.
Terrible at ninjutsu.

[From Sekai Project]

Side characters

HairBlond, Ponytail, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Big Breast Sizes, Kemonomimi, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBody Ribbon, Eye Mask, Hairpin, Off-The-Shoulder Kimono, Ribbon Hair Tie, String Ribbon Tie, Tomesode, Unusual Hair Ornaments
PersonalityArrogant, Modern Tsundere, Protective, Short-tempered
RoleFull Sister, Ninja, Older Sister
Engages inTeasing
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced byTachibana Mao


"What will you do, then? If you have a plan you will surprise me a bit."

A shinobi who serves Saiha.

A runaway from the Fuuma clan that arbitrarily made Saiha her Master after she saved her from starving. Born as a Fuuma and originally also as Haruki's bodyguard, she has some lingering affection for him that she tries to hide.

Treated as an Idol by the rest of the Fuuma clan for sending money to them regularly.

Suzuki Aya鈴木 彩
AliasesSaiha, 彩羽
HairBrown, Side Tail, Straight, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesArmband, Blouse, Boots, Bra, Epaulette, Half-Skirt, Military Uniform, Miniskirt, Necktie, Panties, Pantyhose, Peaked Cap, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Hair Tie, School Uniform, Shawl
PersonalityCoodere, Loner, Mysterious, Relaxed, Stoic, Strange
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, High School Student, Lonely, Ninja, Secret Identity
Engages inInvestigation
Voiced byUeda Akane


"I will just return everything to normal, so just take a breath, everything will come up with a time."

Protagonist's childhood friend who attends the same school as him. Doesn't have any close friends besides the protagonist, behaves cold towards the others.