Saiai Märchen ~Lotte Forest no Douwa~


Saiai Märchen ~Lotte Forest no Douwa~
TitleSaiai Märchen ~Lotte Forest no Douwa~
Original title再愛メルヘン~ロッテフォレストの童話~
Publishers R-Infinity
 Abracadabra Inc


This is a love story between a girl and unearthly creatures..

This is a story from a long time ago.
Once upon a time, there was a girl name Mel.

She loved books, and one night
she came across an extraordinary book, completely covered in black ink.
She took the books in her hands, and was forced to face unfathomable consequences--

The girl was about to close the strange book, when
a dazzling light came flowing out of it.

The girl closed her eyes, and when she opened them again
she found herself in an unfamiliar place

There she met a young man, a cat and a beast.
They all called her "Princess", but who were they?

Lost in that dark book's world,
will the girl be able to find
the true end?


2015-02-26   Saiai Märchen ~Lotte Forest no Douwa~Non-freeCommercialInternet download  
2017-12-2012+   Lotte's Forest ~The Tale of Love~Not voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial  

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Main character Licht
Main character Orkan
Main character Schwarz
Main character Ubel

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