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Dain Miko


TitleDain Miko
Original title堕淫巫女
DeveloperUtamaro Soft
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The main character is the grim reaper, who has been transformed into a crow. He tries to make some Miko his slaves, Mitono, Kana and Marika. But mysterious and erotic accidents happen one after another....

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Japanese (3)
2007-02-2318+Dain Miko
2008-04-1818+Dain Miko - DVDPG
2009-10-3018+Dain Miko - Download Edition

Full character list

Character summary

KikuMain character
Voiced by Nashimoto Yuuri
Kirisawa MitonoMain character
Voiced by Himari
Marika WingateMain character
Voiced by Hinata
Nonomura KanaMain character
Voiced by Tamiyasu Tomoe
Noyuki MegumiMain character
Voiced by Kano Milk

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