Danger Angel ~Ijou Shinka~

Danger Angel~異常進化~

Danger Angel ~Ijou Shinka~
TitleDanger Angel ~Ijou Shinka~
Original titleDanger Angel~異常進化~
Publishers Mink


Danger Angel is a sequel to Dangel. Hundred years have passed since Anduke and his companions defeated the demons and saved the Human Tribe. But now, the demons have broken free and are attacking the humans again. Julisse, a young woman from the Heavenly Tribe, asks the king Zeus to stop the massacre, but Zeus refuses. Against the orders of her superiors, Julisse descends onto the Earth, and frees Anduke, who had been imprisoned in a rock all this time. Since Anduke is the only one on the earth with blood of Heavenly Tribe in him, Julisse needs him for a magical ritual that involves finding four mysterious women, and which will ultimately save the humans...

Danger Angel plays similarly to its predecessor, being a traditional Japanese-style RPG with random enemies, turn-based battles, party management (the party can contain up to six people), weapons and armor, etc. The battles are viewed from an isometric perspective. Instead of navigating the characters on an open world map, the player selects locations by simply clicking on them. The game utilizes high-resolution 2D graphics for locations and characters. There is voice acting for important dialogues, and cut scenes include, beside the usual anime-style images, pre-rendered 3D animations.

[From Moby Games]

Side characters

Zeus Soldivice Le Tibarni
Zeus Soldivice Le Tibarniゼウス・ソルディバイス・ル・ティバーニ 
Hair, Beard, Long, Moustache, Pink
Eyes, Amber
Clothes, Belt, Cape, Crown, Robe
Items, Sword