Cult of the Lily

Cult of the Lily
TitleCult of the Lily
DeveloperPaperDoor Studios
Publishers PaperDoor Studios


In 1868, the Thomas & Goodfellow Detective Agency is contacted by Lord Kennedy, a wealthy landowner whose twin daughters, Holly and Ivy, have went missing since attending the Nettleweld Manor Finishing School. Byron Thomas and Jefrey Goodfellow infiltrate the school, posing as teachers. They discover the twins, as well as four other girls, have been inducted into a strange cult dedicated to the worship of Lilydia, the God of the Lily.

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2017-12-2718+    Cult of the Lily - Alpha DemoPartially voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujin1280x720Internet download  

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    Cult of the Lily - Alpha Demo

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