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Hana no Ibara ~Yuurei Kitan~


TitleHana no Ibara ~Yuurei Kitan~
Original title華ノ棘~幽麗奇譚~
AliasesThorn of Flower ~Tale of an Elegant Ghost~
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In the Taisho period -- In the Imperial Capital Tokyo.

The protagonist finds a job in the Hanasaki Zaibatsu's estate.
Taking a role of an exclusive maid of the family's son Kirito, she happens to know Kirito's surprising secret...

After a while she hears a weird rumor from another maid.
"A ghost of a past madam haunts this mansion."

Mysteries in the Hanasaki family will be revealed in this "Taisho Romantic" horror otome game.
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Japanese (2)
2018-01-24All agesHana no Ibara ~Yuurei Kitan~
2018-01-24All agesHana no Ibara Free Version


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Hana no Ibara Free Version

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