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Xagia Wars

TitleXagia Wars
AliasesXagia Wars ~Magna Chapter~
PublishersVifth Floor


Magica is one of the two greatest gifts given to all of the creatures of the Earth by the all-loving Xagia. It was the gift which has enabled Humankind to free themselves from the bound of an evil God, who calls himself Cahos.

Cahos has birthed a number of Divinus to help him in fulfilling his desire to conquer the Earth. With a fell swoop, all those who dwell the surface of the Earth have bent their knees in front of the malevolent Cahos, until Xagia sent Leonhart, the Mystical Beast, to help Humankind in their struggle against Cahos with the powers of Magica. Eventually, victory was seized by Humankind, and Cahos was sealed into a crystal.

Even if the struggle was over, Xagia still allowed Humankind to borrow the power of Magica through Leonhart. This power provides amplitude of benefits for the well-being of Humankind, all over the earth. Born to those who can wield it naturally, this is not a power one can learn to be able to use it.

Magna, a majestic kingdom born of such a long struggle. This kingdom is the home for those who can wield Magica, and those who cannot as well. This kingdom thrives in prosperity, with all of its citizens living their daily lives fulfilled and in harmony.

Isaac, the main character of this story, is a youth who is a student of Magna Academy, the most prestigious school for those who can wield Magica. He lives his life with his loving parents, and dearest friends who love him. Until one day an incident happened, and turned his peaceful life upside-down. This incident turns out to be a part of a larger story waiting to unfold, and will not only affect his life.

This is not about Isaac
This is about the world… and Isaac is only a part of the prophecy…

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