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Aigan Nightmare Plus

愛玩ナイトメア Plus

TitleAigan Nightmare Plus
Original title愛玩ナイトメア Plus
Abracadabra Inc


"I will take care of you."
You are possessed by a succubus, and you must feed... on dreams! Enter men's dreams and lead them to temptation.
A doctor, a novelist, an idol... I will enter the dreams of these handsome celebrities and approach them in everyday life! But I have a feeling my life is going to become like a dream, too...


Japanese (1)
2015-03-0512+Aigan Nightmare Plus
English (1)
2016-06-1015+Beloved Nightmare

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Iwase RyouMain character
Kujou SoumaMain character
Takano HayatoMain character

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