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Dawn Drop: Radiant Beginnings

TitleDawn Drop: Radiant Beginnings
DeveloperSun-Riviera Studios
PublishersSun-Riviera Studios


Take the first steps into Dawn Drop as freshman Dimitri Sol as he optimistically enters college in the hopes of filling a "Void" he feels in his chest. A void that appeared a few years ago after an "accident" which tells him that he is missing something important in his life and while it could be that he is unhappy, missing love or maybe wealth, not even he himself knows what it could be.

Left with an Custom E-quip made by his father known as "Avarice" and "benevolence" which take the shape of twin bracelets with unknown properties, Dimitri also hopes to find out why the event that changed his life years ago took place. Although without any leads or clues, he instead follows his fathers advice of attending his Alma mater, Glenais university.

[From Kickstarter]

The project has been cancelled and all of the game assets have been released for free.


2018-01-15Dawn Drop: Radiant Beginnings - Demo
2020-03-13Dawn Drop: Radiant Beginnings - Demo 2.0


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Dimitri SolProtagonist
        Allison LeireinaMain character
        Voiced by Amber Barile
        Celeste AliduceMain character
        Voiced by Krystal Laporte
        Faria OrozonMain character
        Voiced by Olivia Steele
        Laura LobadaMain character
        Voiced by Kira Buckland
        Lilith ValkaMain character
        Maria DalenaMain character
        Voiced by Kim Garciel

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