Depaga ~Service Angel~

デパガ~service angel~

Depaga ~Service Angel~
TitleDepaga ~Service Angel~
Original titleデパガ~service angel~
Publishers Janis


Depaga are top class workers of huge department stores. But what's hidden from the eyes of buyers is lots of training. Main character must become an instructor of useless newcomer girls and make first class universal workers out of them to fill any role from waitresses to elevator girls.

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2000-06-2318+  Depaga ~Service Angel~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Main character Azuma Hinako
Main character Hibino Rumi
Main character Joujima Megumi
Main character Kitagawa Nao
Main character Minami Kaoru
Main character Nagano Youko
Main character Nishida Yuu
Main character Okino Tomoko

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