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Animarathon XVI: Operation Ohio

TitleAnimarathon XVI: Operation Ohio
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)


Ann explores the depths of a small town Ohio anime convention.

As she explores panels, and fights her way through the convention, what secrets will she find?


2018-02-1018+Animarathon XVI: Operation Ohio

Full character list

Character summary

Main characterAdorina Wu
Main characterAmadeus
Main characterFrog Sensei
Main characterLady Liberty
Main characterOrion
Side characterBellini Rigatoni
Side characterCody Maison
Side characterDeviant Nudist Snake
Side characterGPM
Side characterKaren Kopi
Side characterKarth Grapher
Side characterKaze
Side characterMoe Oblige
Side characterPaz Ta
Side characterPianzi
Side characterRei Ya
Side characterRoe Burt
Side characterSka Ecchi
Side characterWild Wyoming Will

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