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Animarathon XVI: Operation Ohio

TitleAnimarathon XVI: Operation Ohio


Ann explores the depths of a small town Ohio anime convention.

As she explores panels, and fights her way through the convention, what secrets will she find?


English (1)
2018-02-1018+Animarathon XVI: Operation Ohio

Full character list

Character summary

Adorina WuMain character
AmadeusMain character
Frog SenseiMain character
Lady LibertyMain character
OrionMain character
Bellini RigatoniSide character
Cody MaisonSide character
Deviant Nudist SnakeSide character
GPMSide character
Karen KopiSide character
Karth GrapherSide character
KazeSide character
Moe ObligeSide character
Paz TaSide character
PianziSide character
Rei YaSide character
Roe BurtSide character
Ska EcchiSide character
Wild Wyoming WillSide character

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