Swing & Miss

TitleSwing & Miss
Publishers Infidelisoft


The story centers around the protagonist (you) and your wife Fiona. The two of you have been married for over a decade and get along perfectly well. You know you're blessed to have a wife like Fiona, but you can't help but wish you had a more active sex life with her...

Meanwhile your new co-worker Davis is struggling with a similar issue: although frequency is not their problem, him and his new wife Kyleigh both want to take the lead in the bedroom. Davis comes to you with the obvious solution: if the two of you just swap wives, there's two perfect sexual matches instead of two mismatches...

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Main characters

Hair, Brown
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Suit, Swim Shorts, T-shirt
Engages in, Swinging


Davis is the protagonist's co-worker and his subordinate. He's young and permanently cheerful.

He loves his wife very much, but is also very interested in the protagonist's wife. He appears to have the best intentions at first, but may have ulterior motives...

Hair, Blond, Brown, Pubic Hair
Body, Tanline, Tanned
Clothes, Bikini, Naked, Pantyhose
Personality, Shy
Engages in, Infidelity, Swinging


Fiona is a woman in her mid-thirties and the protagonist's wife. She was raised conservatively and taught not to talk about things like sex. She's kind and an amazing cook.

As the story progresses she will open up about sex and be less embarrassed about the subject or the initiation of act itself. The question is until what point this is still a positive development...

Hair, Blond
Body, Mole
Clothes, Fishnet Stockings
Personality, Assertive
Engages in, Flirting, Swinging


Kyleigh is the Davis' newlywed wife and the protagonist's partner in the swapping arrangement. She's assertive and easy-going, and works in fashion.

She's very open sexually and seems to know no shame. She's dominant by nature, a trait which emerges more and more as the protagonist spends more time with her in the bedroom...