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v22715.92019-02-02 at 21:25syonHard WorkMore accurate staff listings.
v22715.82018-11-18 at 18:36shinnewHard WorkStaff role. link
v22715.72018-11-07 at 13:14gregoryHard WorkWrong staff
v22715.62018-11-07 at 13:13gregoryHard WorkStaff and Japanese name according to trailer
v22715.52018-07-17 at 11:14mondonaterHard WorkAdded credit for Vocals from the OP
v22715.42018-05-01 at 08:20thewayfarerHard WorkThe image looks safe to me.
v22715.32018-03-13 at 20:41mondonaterHard WorkAdded a number of screenshots.
v22715.22018-03-13 at 19:04mondonaterHard WorkResized the image so it fits the guidelines.
v22715.12018-03-13 at 19:02mondonaterHard WorkAdded the core information for our upcoming eroge, Hard Work.