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Nie no Machi


TitleNie no Machi
Original title贄の町
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Nie no Machi -Iro Musubi-


Hisora lost his family when he was in his teens, and now as an adult he’s working several part-time jobs concurrently as a physical laborer.

During his days of work, one day he enters a dark alleyway and sees a man in mourning dress drop a bouquet of white flowers. Unable to leave it as is, he picks up the bouquet and chases after the man.

However, he loses sight of the man after making his way through the dark alley, and he finds himself standing at the entrance of another world…an inn.

As Hisora stands there taken aback, the inn’s residents come out to greet him, and tell him:

“This is a world distant from death.”

In this world of slithering ghastly figures such as a child who uses its own severed head as a ball to play with, or a man who continues to talk even though his head has been smashed, Hisora must receive the assistance of the inn’s tenants who have lost consciousness in the real world while he searches for a way back home.

But Hisora is a living human, and the smell of him invokes in the town's residents their adhesion to life and envy of the living, inviting danger upon him…

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Main characters

Side characters

Man in a Mourning Dress喪服の青年
Birthday19 May
BodyMole, Teen
Subject ofDisappearance


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