Tokkei Kikou Rizaru


Tokkei Kikou Rizaru
TitleTokkei Kikou Rizaru
Original title特警機甲リザール
AliasesSpecial Agent Rizaru
Publishers waterstudio


Elite security agent Rizaru has been tasked
to find out what's going down in the haven of debauchery
called Deloit Town. She disguises herself as
a prostitute, infiltrates, and spies.

Rizaru is all pro. She'll have sex to keep her cover.
But in Deloit the best souls are swallowed in sin...

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2013-08-0418+  Tokkei Kikou RizaruFully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeDoujin800x600Internet downloadOnly Female Voiced

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  Tokkei Kikou Rizaru

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