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v22745.72018-03-22 at 01:35lunaterraFour Horsemenremoving fluff from description; removing incorrect screenshots (see d2.6 must be in highest native resolution of VN--in this case 1024x768); better
v22745.62018-03-21 at 19:11kiichiroFour HorsemenReplaced and added some screenshots.
v22745.52018-03-21 at 19:03kiichiroFour HorsemenRemoved a CG screenshot.
v22745.42018-03-21 at 18:34kiichiroFour HorsemenReplaced a screenshot and added one.
v22745.32018-03-21 at 18:31kiichiroFour HorsemenAdded screenshots; finally did it right.
v22745.22018-03-21 at 18:25kiichiroFour HorsemenAdded image.
v22745.12018-03-21 at 18:09kiichiroFour HorsemenFour Horsemen is a visual novel / SLG about homelands and the immigrant experience. Play as a group of four contemporary immigrant teenagers