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Doll ~Uroboros 2~


TitleDoll ~Uroboros 2~
Original titleDoll~ウロボロス2~
AliasesDoll 3
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Doll ~Uroboros ni Na o Tsuraneru Mono~


Doll: Ouroboros 2 continues directly the story of the first game. The evil vampire earl from the first game has tricked our heroes once again, and the assassin Noel, the protagonist of the game, finds himself thrown into a dungeon. Will his superb skills as a swordsman be enough to defeat the enemies and solve the complex net of intrigues and to save the medieval land of Ouroboros?

Like the first game, Doll: Ouroboros 2 is basically a huge 3D movie with occasional interactivity. At certain points, you'll be able to make a decision (such as for example have sex with an evil-looking girl or attack her), or choose one of the several available paths. During some of the sex scenes, you can view the movie clips in a desired order.

[From Moby Games].

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