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Code Zero

CODE ZERO -A Fool's Journey-

TitleCode Zero
Original titleCODE ZERO -A Fool's Journey-
AliasesKodo Zero, Revelations: Code Zero, Revelations: Code Zero -A Fool's Journey-
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
DeveloperTeam Animus
PublishersTeam Animus


Three years after the Tokyo Blackout, a string of suicides scares the foundation of society to its very core. With no explanation as to why these suicides are occuring, Haise Kudo decides to investigate these suicides leading him to discover a time machine that was hiding in plain sight. Using this power to solve the murders, he travels more and more which makes the line between reality and fiction blurred.

No one cares about the things that actually matter. Everyone is indulged in the virtual world surrounded by lies. Fiction is Everywhere. There is no "Time Travel". We control time, and time controls us.


TBA17+Code Zero


  • Staff
  • YosoGame Concept, Design

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Haise KudoProtagonist
Kyoko FukashimaMain character
Lyn ImariMain character

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