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v22783.162020-08-06 at 20:32mdzzMusicus!Didn't find any mention of Milktub as a composer for MUSICUS!'s soundtrack. Pulled tracklist from Star Records Ride On Shooting Star (link), which
v22783.152020-02-11 at 05:41snuMusicus!screenshots
v22783.142020-02-05 at 19:50varioMusicus!staff
v22783.132020-01-11 at 08:44sacredge0Musicus!adding one (1) screenshot
v22783.122020-01-04 at 20:33kdabraone1Musicus!Change Length
v22783.112019-12-30 at 09:55thewayfarerMusicus!Adding description from a blog, below the old one.
v22783.102019-12-26 at 12:26kdabraone1Musicus!Length
v22783.92019-09-13 at 15:16707Musicus!..
v22783.82019-08-24 at 10:10shinnewMusicus!Image, leaving the old title as an alias.
v22783.72019-08-23 at 10:29moogyMusicus!title of the game changed, lol link
v22783.62018-07-26 at 03:38snuMusica!Yagihara
v22783.52018-07-03 at 13:30moogyMusica!The trial of Musica has Yagihara in it and takes place after the events of Kira Kira.
v22783.42018-07-03 at 04:36707Musica!..
v22783.32018-04-07 at 08:28shinnewMusica!"Successor" doesn't necessarily means that it takes place in the same world. "Same series" should be more appropriate until there's more information.
v22783.22018-04-02 at 09:31707Musica!link by 'successor' i dont know which relation fits the most
v22783.12018-04-01 at 12:28707Musica!"final project" huh?!?