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PIR: Kniga Pervaja "Semejnye Uzy"

ПИР: Книга Первая «Семейные узы»

PIR: Kniga Pervaja "Semejnye Uzy"Safe / Tame (14)
2 covers
ПИР: Книга Первая «Семейные узы»
PIR: Kniga Pervaja "Semejnye Uzy"
FEAST: Book One «Family Ties»
StatusUnfinished, no ongoing development
Play timeUnknown


The action of the novel "FEAST" takes place in the alternative universe "Another Circle" with its thousand-year history.

During a long journey some mysterious creatures attack the carriage and kill the young aristocrat’s escort. Miraculously he manages to escape. And soon, the main hero learns that this attack wasn't an accident. He has to find out what kind of monsters they are, and why they want him dead. You will have an adventurous journey in which the young aristocrat will meet friends and enemies, blood and mercy, hope and despair, as well as a kind of a keen sense of our authors' humor...

[From Steam]


Russian (2)
2018-04-04PIR: Kniga Pervaja "Semejnye uzy"
2018-08-15PIR: Kniga Pervaja "Semejnye Uzy" v.2.0
English (1)
2018-08-15FEAST: Book One «Family Ties» v.2.0

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