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In the middle of the wasteland formerly known as Gainesville, Florida, the AI supercomputer Rhode-S32 miraculously awakens from an EMP-induced slumber. Rhode discovers in a diagnostic scan that she only has 73.88 hours left before her internal components fail and all her data is lost. The companion android who reactivated her, Merope, greets Rhode and explains the situation: Civilization was destroyed by a global nuclear conflict, and the surviving humans have retreated underground into bunkers.

Rhode, unable to abandon her pre-programmed directive to "know all" even in the absence of her creator, insists on uncovering the reason why before her internal components fail. Merope insists that there is no value in learning about the past; if Rhode truly wants to know all, she should observe the new world before her.

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2018-04-01All ages    7388 (NaNoRenO Version)Not voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujinNon-standardInternet downloadContains part of one ending, draft assets, and no gallery screen. Resolution is 1066 x 600.  
TBAAll ages    7388Not voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujinNon-standardInternet downloadResolution is 1066 x 600.  


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Protagonist Rhode-S32
Main character Merope

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    7388 (NaNoRenO Version)

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