Angel Present


Angel Present
TitleAngel Present
Original titleエンジェルプレゼント
DeveloperHuneX & Studio Ox Co., Ltd.
Publishers NEC Interchannel


The player takes a role of a young male assistant to the picture book writer who just went on a tour of Europe for an inspiration. You, on the other hand, desperately want to prove yourself in the area, but your inspiration is as dry as an empty well. So, you decide to take those three weeks of holidays to return to your hometown and give your best to come up with something solid or completely give up on wanting to become a picture book writer. Your hometown is a couple of hours from Tokyo by bullet train, though it is a rather rural area so it requires a switch to a more local train. Upon your arrival, you soon team up with Erina, an old friend of yours, and the two of you keep on exploring town, going places an meeting people. One night, walking alone in the woods, you get caught by the rain. Running to find a shelter, you stumble upon a small shrine. There, in front of your eyes, you see a flying silhouette which soon gets zapped by the thunder and falls down not far from where you are. Not sure what you saw really happened, you come outside and see a small fairy, down on the ground under the rain and with a wounded wing. You pick her up and tend to her wound. She quickly tests her fixed wings and flies away with a smile. As the morning comes, you look over town and has a sudden vision of an unknown place. Whatever happened to you granted you certain magical abilities you are not aware of.

-Description from Mobygames.


2001-04-12All ages  Angel PresentFully voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesNon-freeCommercial1 GD-ROM 1 


Character summary

Main character Asagiri Ayame
Voiced by Nakagawa Akiko
Main character Kouzuki Erina
Voiced by Yamamoto Maria
Main character Makabe Yuki
Voiced by Yoshida Konami
Main character Miyazaki Saeka
Voiced by Nagashima Yuuko
Main character Takamine Shouko
Voiced by Kingetsu Mami

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