Into The Hoop

Into The Hoop
TitleInto The Hoop
DeveloperReading Cow Studio
Publishers Reading Cow Studio


Into The Hoop is a light-hearted slice of life visual novel/dating sim where you assume the role of Taiyou High School's basketball ace.

You are Yuu Kazehaya (優風早) of Taiyou High School, and your team has recently won the regional tournament to compete in the Interhigh Championship which is 45 days away! Being a final year senior, this means that once the Interhigh Championship is over, so is your high school basketball life. With a desire to build an everlasting album of high school memories with the remaining time available, you will decide on what kind of activities Yuu should pursue. This could be advancing routes of particular love interests, hanging out with your teammates, or raising stats with activities such as studying, training, or doing a part-time job!

In your quest to win the Interhigh Championships, can you make the right decisions to balance athletics, studies, and relationships with your remaining days to reach the perfect ending?

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2018-02-28   Into The Hoop - DemoPartially voicedFreewareCommercial  
2019   Into The Hoop - Steam EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercial
201918+   Into The Hoop - DRM Free EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercialAvailable to those, who pledged 50 AUD or more on Kickstarter Campaign.
201918+   Into The Hoop - 18+ Patch (patch)Freeware

Character summary

Protagonist Yuu Kazehaya
Main character Akane Yamazaki
Main character Emi Kitagawa
Main character Sadako Maeda
Main character Yui Shimazu

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