Bilshana Senki ~Genpeiden~

ビルシャナ戦姫 ~源平伝~

Bilshana Senki ~Genpeiden~
TitleBilshana Senki ~Genpeiden~
Original titleビルシャナ戦姫 ~源平伝~
DeveloperRed Entertainment Corporation
Publishers Idea Factory Co., Ltd. & Otomate


The story premise takes place around the Heian period during the civil war of Genpei (1180-1185), opposing the two clans Yorimoto and Taira. Most of the main characters are inspired by real personalities of the time. The heroine is the last daughter of the Minamoto and is named Shanaou, birth name of the famous General Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

[from Otome Kitten]


2020  Bilshana Senki ~Genpeiden~Non-freeCommercial


Character summary

Protagonist Shanaou
Main character Minamoto no Yoritomo
Voiced by Furukawa Makoto
Main character Shungen
Voiced by Saitou Souma
Main character Taira no Noritsune
Voiced by Kawanishi Kengo
Main character Taira no Tomomori
Voiced by Fukuyama Jun

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