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Bionic Heart

TitleBionic Heart
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperTycoon Games & Winter Wolves
PublishersTycoon Games & Winter Wolves
Zone of Games
Bionic Heart 2
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The year is the 2099. The city is London. But the world is different now. Very different.

Luke Black, bio-informatics engineer, still remembers some of the stories that his father used to tell him about global warming, and the warnings sent out by some groups of scientists in the twenty-first century. But those who ruled the world were too busy fighting each other and too greedy to listen, so they ignored the menace.

When they finally realized what was really happening, it was too late, and the balance of the Earth became unstable. Luckily, or maybe unfortunately, the forecasts weren't totally accurate.

There wasn't a desertification, but the melting of the ice caps acted on the polarization of the planet and caused a sort of permanent disturbance on a large portion of the earth's surface.

In a nutshell, it rains almost always, almost everywhere. The planet's energy now comes from several probes equipped with solar panels that orbit around the earth, beyond the clouds.

But all of this is nothing compared to what is about to happen to Luke's life. An encounter with an incredible being, who will completely mess up his life. The encounter with Tanya.

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Main characters

Helen Hughes
HairBlond, Short, Wavy
RoleBetrothed, Girlfriend, Shopkeeper
Voiced byEllie
Tanya Vanic
AliasesPrototype 9, Bloody Lily, Lily Luscious
Birthday2 May
HairBrown, Waist Length+
Voiced byEllie

Side characters

Makes an appearance