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Hengen Souki Shine Mirage: Haiboku e no Countdown

変幻装姫シャインミラージュ 敗北へのカウントダウン

TitleHengen Souki Shine Mirage: Haiboku e no Countdown
Original title変幻装姫シャインミラージュ 敗北へのカウントダウン
AliasesHengen Souki SHINE MIRAGE: countdown to defeat
DeveloperMille Feuille
PublishersMille Feuille
Shops» JP¥ 3850 @ DLsite


One day invaders from another world suddenly invade earth!
Their name... "DARK CRIME".
Standing no chance against the monstrous creatures and henchmen
and with all hope shattered, humanity was struck down into an abyss of terror and despair.

Even the young lady Saki, heir to financial conglomerate Toudouin,
was assailed by a Kaijin monster. But in the face of perilous danger,
a jewelry box brimming with light appeared before her----
Overflowing from the box, a abundance of holy energy enveloped her body
and staved off the dark energies of the Dark Crime monsters... It was that moment
which Saki became capable of transforming into HengenSouki SHINE MIRAGE!

The battle between the proud and noble 'Shine Mirage' and
evil beings out to corrupt her soul 'Dark Crime' begins now!

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