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Kakuriyo no Senkouka


Kakuriyo no SenkoukaSafe / Tame (14)
Kakuriyo no Senkouka
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperTsugihagi Project
PublishersTsugihagi Project

Kakuriyo no Senkouka -Negau Saki-

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A long way away from towns, there is a ninja tribe's village deep in a forest.
They say that ninjas in the village own monstrous power so they have
been feared by ordinary people for a long time.

In fear of their potential threat, the nation finally decides to wipe them out.
This leads to a tragic event when the heads of significant families in the tribe hold
a conference over the nation's decision, as almost all of ninjas with ogre power are slain.

Though the method was necessary for the tribe to survive, it left a great
gulf between the authority and surviving ninjas with ogre power.

However, the gulf will be bridged by a girl...

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Japanese (2)
2018-04-15AllKakuriyo no Senkouka - Trial Edition Ver 1.0
2018-05-31AllKakuriyo no Senkouka

Full character list

Character summary

Inutsuka HisagiProtagonist
Karasuma YatsudeMain character
Kitsunebi ShienMain character
RindouMain character
Karasuma JinSide character
Inutsuka KurouSide character
Kitsunebi YouSide character
Nekoyanagi RirinSide character
Shirasagi RinneSide character
Hebinawa ItsukuSide character
Hebinawa KagariSide character
KidouSide character

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Kakuriyo no Senkouka

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