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v23133.202019-03-13 at 00:26terios121Otome X Hanayome...
v23133.192019-03-12 at 23:47neyunseOtome X HanayomeMinor updates
v23133.182018-12-02 at 18:55neyunseSakura LoveRetire vocal
v23133.172018-12-02 at 18:53terios121Sakura LoveVocals staff is only for Songs, Not Voice acting role. "Cast" Refers to Voice Acting roles.
v23133.162018-12-02 at 18:50neyunseSakura LoveAdd staff vocals
v23133.152018-12-02 at 18:42terios121Sakura LoveVocals staff for songs only.
v23133.142018-12-02 at 18:24neyunseSakura LoveAdding staff vocal
v23133.132018-12-02 at 18:23neyunseSakura LoveAdd cast
v23133.122018-11-22 at 17:58beliarSakura LoveReverted to revision v23133.10 No length for unfinished games, please.
v23133.112018-11-22 at 08:54neyunseSakura Loveadding Length
v23133.102018-11-01 at 18:35neyunseSakura Loveadding description
v23133.92018-10-28 at 22:26neyunseSakura Loveadd vocals
v23133.82018-10-28 at 22:22neyunseSakura LoveVocals
v23133.72018-09-07 at 20:15neyunseSakura Loveminor edit
v23133.62018-09-06 at 20:52beliarSakura Lovedescriptions only in english
v23133.52018-09-06 at 20:01neyunseSakura Love--
v23133.42018-06-04 at 22:18beliarNovios Bajo el árbol de cerezoFixed title, description only in English, no length for unfinished games, staff positions fixed
v23133.32018-06-04 at 21:48neyunseSakura Love - Your First love’s in music classadd image
v23133.22018-06-04 at 21:46neyunseSakura Love - Your First love’s in music classadd staff
v23133.12018-06-04 at 21:44neyunseSakura Love - Your First love’s in music classadding nv