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v23179.102018-11-28 at 08:16xg70dHitotsumami ~Relaxation Series~length
v23179.92018-11-28 at 06:11xg70dHitotsumami ~Relaxation Series~screenshots. as for the relation, I think I'll keep it to "shares characters" because even if the MC here didn't appear in the other series, the MC
v23179.82018-11-26 at 01:22eacilHitotsumami ~Relaxation Series~you don't add relations to every VN, just the most direct one of the set, to no clog the relation graph > see d2#5. You said the MC was the kouhai
v23179.72018-11-26 at 00:10xg70dHitotsumami ~Relaxation Series~Added relation. The MC in this game is the kouhai of the MC in Yuka series.
v23179.62018-09-20 at 23:48silver95280Hitotsumami ~Relaxation Series~Added CVs
v23179.52018-08-31 at 13:49printerdesuHitotsumami ~Relaxation Series~link, should be add on alias instead?
v23179.42018-07-26 at 01:46gimnacioHitotsumamicover on getchu site
v23179.32018-07-21 at 21:54terios121Hitotsumami...
v23179.22018-06-12 at 13:04kimesuHitotsumamiadd some staff.
v23179.12018-06-12 at 13:02kimesuHitotsumamiadd new vn.