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v2322.72019-05-05 at 17:21shinnewExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~That's a description of v324, not this game. Reverted to revision v2322.5
v2322.62019-05-01 at 14:42kivandopulusExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~desc
v2322.52015-03-04 at 04:54yoxallExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~staff
v2322.42015-02-26 at 21:02traumatizerExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~fix
v2322.32015-01-29 at 12:05shinnewExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~Staff.
v2322.22012-02-19 at 20:58shinnewExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~Length, screenshots.
v2322.12009-07-26 at 13:49eyelessExtravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~added release. link