NOT HORROR 3 Kurayami Tanteidan

NOT HORROR3 くらやみ探偵団

NOT HORROR 3 Kurayami Tanteidan
TitleNOT HORROR 3 Kurayami Tanteidan
Original titleNOT HORROR3 くらやみ探偵団
AliasesNOT HORROR3 - Darkness Detectives
DeveloperUchuu Tetsujin
Publishers Uchuu Tetsujin
NOT HORROR 2 Gin Iro Tanteidan Onryou...


A girl who was abducted and brutally murdered 7 years ago.
A lieutenant who killed himself soon after losing the war.
The two revive from a forest and begin their revenge.
Gallons of blood will spill.

On the other hand, Tom travels to various "IF" worlds
while having is ego eaten away by darkness.
He is trapped in a cycle where he kills many and is killed himself.

As he meets 7 yokai, he begins a blood-spewing pilgrimage to purify his darkness.

What does the one that holds fate want from the pilgrims he meets?
And will Tom return to that warm place again...?

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2018-06-25All ages  NOT HORROR 3 Kurayami TanteidanNon-freeDoujinInternet download

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