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Hiza no Ue no Partner ~Kitty on your lap~

ひざの上の同居人 ~Kitty on your lap~

TitleHiza no Ue no Partner ~Kitty on your lap~
Original titleひざの上の同居人 ~Kitty on your lap~
PublishersCulture Publishers


The game is a dating simulation that centers around the player winning over a female (feline) partner through the power of text. Visuals are displayed in a classic anime style with fully-animated scenes.

The player assumes the role of a college student who adopts one of three Cats who turns out to be a cat-girl. Hijinks ensue.

[from Giant Bomb]


1998-03-12Hiza no Ue no Partner ~Kitty on your lap~
1999-09-09Hiza no Ue no Partner ~Kitty on your lap~ (Mouichido Kimi ni Aitai...Loved Series Vol. 3)


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              Character summary

              Main characterMimi
              Voiced by Miyamura Yuuko
              Main characterRena
              Voiced by Imai Yuka
              Main characterYuki
              Voiced by Iwao Junko

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