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La Mémoire

La Mémoire
StatusIn development
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperKalong Studio
PublishersTop Hat Studios


After Inazuma Kazuya lost his mother due to an unknown reason, his father, who is a renowned scientist, took Kazuya to another city. But before Kazuya left the city, he promised to play with his friend Kotobuki Risu for the last time, only to find Risu killed in a car accident right in front of his eyes. Losing both his mother and his friend brings Kazuya trauma, as later he always blamed himself for what happened and felt powerless to do anything.

Years passed, and Kazuya decided to move back to Ringo City while enrolling in a private high school, Kiyoku High School. He determined that he was going to find peace for himself, thinking that he couldn’t live with guilt forever. He lives in a mixed dorm and made new friends: Asami Mao, an energetic yet caring girl; and a mysterious girl talented in music, Kamome Saaya. For a time, Kazuya’s life went smoothly. Slowly but surely, he began to come to terms with all that had happened and started to make peace with himself.

But things turn upside down as Kazuya sees his supposedly dead childhood friend. His hand suddenly shivers and his face turns white. All the memories about his childhood friend, accompanied by the guilt, sweep over him like a torrent in a deep sea. Kazuya then approaches the girl and abruptly asks her about everything that he knows about her. Much to Kazuya’s surprise, the girl doesn’t know him. She only introduces herself as Kotobuki Risu. Her voice, her crimson-red eyes, her gesture, and everything else is just the same. Kazuya is positive that she is Risu herself. But why doesn’t she remember him?

[From Kickstarter campaign]